Is iphone side can only support mp4 rendering and PC side can only support webm rendering?

I downloaded this template from the internet, what is strange is that this template fills in both webm format video and mp4 format video in the source property of the video tag, when I debug the code to verify the reasonableness of this template, I found that this template is able to work properly, in the PC side it uses the webm format video rendering, in the iphone side it uses mp4 format for rendering, what is the reason to use 2 different formats of video? This doesn’t sound very reasonable.From the perspective of saving traffic and bandwidth, using only one format will save disk capacity and improve performance. I have tried using only one format, but it is not compatible with both PC and iPhone.

In order to rule out that it is caused by individual special reasons, I went to look at the demo template provided by mpv2anki this plug-in, and found that one of the templates provided in this one also uses webm video format, and the video clip can be played normally on the PC side, but the display on the iphone side is a blank area that cannot be rendered. In other words, webm can’t be rendered in iphone is a common situation, right?

I read the forum posts, Apple Safari browser does not support webm, and the forum posts inside also said that the video tag this format support for video formats and is also limited.
apkg file demo:

I checked some forum posts and google search above, my way is not the most recommended method for anki, in addition iphone for webm support indeed Apple does not provide, then if I need to reduce the size of the card, reduce the variety of video formats, the best way is to use only mp4 this format, not to use the video tag src attribute, directly using [sound:something.mp4] should be the best choice for compatibility.


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