iPhone app quits when i open deck don't know if i force back up from computer

i had a deck called ‘iTalkie’, and it was a parent deck to lots of baby decks. On my phone i sort of accidentally renamed it, and now when i open it the app quits. its got lots of important things in and i have finals for uni in the next few weeks. i still have the deck on my mac (am afraid to sync), and i have exported it on my mac, so i think its safe.
i also added lots of new cards to my phone so i dont really want to force sync from my mac.
what should i do please help, many thanks

There’s a good chance ‘check database’ in the preferences screen of AnkiMobile will resolve it. If it does not, please force a one way to sync to AnkiWeb and let me know when you’ve done so, so I can try to reproduce the issue. Please avoid syncing the computer version until this is resolved.