[iPadOS] Image drag&drop malfunction

The image drag and drop of the iPadOS (beeing able to drag and drop any image you want to any other app) causes images to lose their transparancy!

This is a major inconvinience, and clearly a Bug, as proven in the first + second

Video 1 (showing how it works in every app. (also works in Ankidroid + Windows Anki):
Video 1

Video 2 (showing the exact -very same- file being chosen once with drop&drag and once with “select from files”)
Video 2

NOTE: The same issue also happens, if the file is added from the Photos app. It only works, when the file is opened from the “Files” App.

This should be fixed in the latest beta. Please let me know if you’d like to try it.


As long as the Beta version for ankimobile doesn’t introduce any immense bugs, I’d love to test it.
(I suppose to fix to my issue can only be addressed in the scale of the full Beta, not just as a single Beta-feature added.)

I regularly back-up my data. (I did 1 minute before this reply as well,) So feel free to sign me up.