iPad_Automatically answer a cloze card without showing options


I have been using Anki for the past six years and recently purchased the application on the App Store for my new iPad. I also bought an Apple Magic Keyboard to use with my tablet when needed.

Initially, everything worked fine, but after about a week of usage, the application started glitching. I have a cloze deck, and sometimes when I type the answer into the field of a cloze card and press the Enter button on the physical keyboard, the application behaves as if I pressed the Enter button twice. It shows me the back side of the card with a green checkmark animation, as if I pressed the Easy button (or the Enter) and instantly shows me the next card. This glitch happens randomly, and sometimes I am able to choose the difficulty of the card, while other times, the application shows me the next card instantly with the animation of if I pressed 3 button or Enter button.

I tried using the application with the virtual keyboard, and everything seems to work fine. I have not encountered such troubles in other applications, and my devices are quite new. I also checked the software version, which is 2.0.96, and it hasn’t been updated for two months. So, maybe I inadvertently turned on one of the settings and made the application work incorrectly.

I have already submitted a problem report to the store, but I don’t think I will receive quick help there. So, I decided to register here to ask for help with the trouble, which makes using the application completely annoying for me. Can you please assist me in solving this problem?

Thank you.

It’s strange that it only started happening after a while. If you force the app to close, does that make the problem go away? Close an app on your iPhone or iPod touch – Apple Support (AU)

I’ve exhausted all troubleshooting options. I closed and reopened the app, and even restarted my device. However, the problem is still persisting and very unpredictable.

This morning, I was able to study around 20 cards without any issues. However, when I returned in the evening to continue studying the deck, the issues arose. Sometimes, I would encounter the issue twice for one card, and each time I had to undo the card to choose the ease variant.

It seems like the app automatically detects which card is easy for me, automatically switches the card according to an algorithm it knows and advances to a next one.