iOS 16: Joy-Con Support

Nintendo nerds had a lot to look forward to w/ the iOS 16 update, but nothing beats the satisfaction of FINALLY having Joy-Con support for maximally sweaty Anki sessions. Alas, AnkiMobile currently only recognizes a few Joy-Con inputs (Right: A, X, up, down, left, right). Any idea when recognition of the remaining Joy-Con inputs will be implemented (Right: B, Y, shoulder, trigger, thumbstick button, options, menu)?

~ asking for a friend ~

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This is mostly handled by iOS. You could ask your friend to try the beta version, as it’s built with Apple’s latest APIs, which may change things.

Update (my bad): Anki actually is compatible with all joy-con inputs; however, only when both R & L joy-cons are paired to the iPad / iPhone running Anki Mobile. Is obtaining complete joy-con input compatibility with AM (even when it is the only joy-con that is synced) still an iOS issue?

I imagine most who interface with AM using a joy-con do so with only a single remote.

Anki can currently only use what is provided via the extended or micro controller profiles. We may be able to buy into new iOS APIs in the future that expose the buttons in a more fine-grained manner.

Oh… okay. Thanks for really breaking it down for me. It would seem slightly more complicated than the Y button working w/ two controllers synced vs. the Y button not working when one controller is synced.

Yes, please do support the Right or Left only Joy-Con full-button gamepad.
For now, it is limited to a few keys. Would be grateful if all keys could be used.

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