iOS 16 beta: Card will go blank when flipping

Sometimes when flipping a card over, the entire card will be blank. I have to go to the next card or undo answer and try again.

I am using this deck:

shared deck 917377946

This has been going on for all of the iOS 16 betas so far

The deck uses JavaScript. Can you reproduce it with other decks?

I have not been able to reproduce in other decks so far

Please let the deck author know: Shared decks with broken Javascript - Frequently Asked Questions

I just encountered it in this deck: 1654787298

However it is much more uncommon (maybe once every couple hundred cards)

Edit: more like every 30 cards

I have been able to reproduce this using the iOS 16 GM release. It appears to be a bug in the iOS webview component - the data is correctly being sent, but the screen not updated. I imagine Apple will fix this in 16.1; in the mean time, if you rotate your device it will cause the text to show up.

Thank you! I will try that