Interval times are the same


On graduated cards (multiple consecutive good/easy responses) that should have very long intervals the easy/good/great all have the same duration regardless of score - 2.3 months.

The card stat tab also shows the interval as 2.3 months, desptite ease being in the 260-280s. This is a new phenomenon.

Is the interval regime malfunctioning because on premade decks the graduated cards have time options that are normal.

This is a new problem.

To diagnose a particular card, we need to see
(1) the Card Info, and
(2) the Deck Options for the deck the card is in, and any parent deck you click to study.

Things to investigate include –

  • Which algorithm you’re using. You mentioned Ease, so I’d assume the default SM-2 algorithm – but it matters.
  • What your maximum interval is. [It’s probably this – since you mention only seeing this on some decks, but not others.]

Im using V3 scheduler.

See 3 screen shots for the card info/deck option/ example of screen.

Also, on the “stats” option, all the cards are showing up in the 2.3 due time.
Its odd because im running this deck configuration on all my decks/parent decks but the issue is only present on one my decks…

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

I did more tinkering and it appears you were right- the max interval setting appears to be the cause. However, im curious as to why the 70 day max interval only just now has come into effect while previously cards would have time intervals of up to 7 months. no card/deck/parent deck setting have been altered.

also, could you recommend a good synopsis of comparing the benefits of the different anki algorithms (SMS vs FSR)?

Your maximum interval is 70d – which is about 2.3m. When you changed that max (or moved this card to a deck using this preset) some time between July 2023 and Feb 2024, this card already had an interval of 7.23m.

Anki is ready and willing to set this card to a longer interval, but you are preventing it.

FSRS is better