I don’t understand why in two months I have no more cards to revise?
However, I have more than 10,000 cards, and the interval between the cards is programmed for 2 months?
I review all of my cards every day. At the moment as for two years, I always have on average between 150 cards to revise per day.
Is this an Anki app error? Do I have to do a special manipulation?

Thank you for your feedback

Screen Shot 2022-05-26 at 06.05.33

Do you mean that you set maximum interval to 2 months? If you do that, all cards are going to be due within two months. If a card is due in 3 months, it means that its interval is more than the maximum interval of 2 months that you set, which shouldn’t happen. (Unless it’s a card from before you set the maximum.)

It is exactly that. I shortened the intervals to about two minus for the majority of my packs. So I can review my cards more frequently in theory.
However, given the amount of cards I have and the short interval I have programmed, it seems odd to me to have less than 50 cards to review per day. As you can see from the screenshots, in about two months I will have less than 2 cards to revise per day for at least the next four months.
What do you think?

You have around ~12k cards, as per “nombre de cartes”. In the above screenshot, the gray graph that uses the labels on the right raises almost to 12,000. I think that means that the green bars in that graph represent all of your cards.

As you review the cards, they will get rescheduled to a later date. Eventually they will get rescheduled to the date at the maximum interval. With time, those empty days will fill.


Makes sense?


“Eventually they will get rescheduled to the date at the maximum interval. With time, those empty days will fill.” I agree with you.
But why aren’t all the cards I’ve seen and keep reviewing rescheduled already in the calendar? In theory, the 150 cards that I reviewed yesterday, or 10 days or 20 days or a month ago, should already be rescheduled and therefore appear in future review schedules.
It is this lack of reprogramming that is very strange. And this is the first time it’s happened to me in three years.

But I think they are in the graph? The green bars should amount to ~12000 cards if you add them all up. That’s all your cards.

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Indeed, each day, the algorithm reprograms the new cards as they come in.
All is well.
Thanks a lot for the help.