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Internal Anki Inconsistency

I am trying to build a set of language decks using Anki to study Hopi.

When I’ve set up a small deck to study words with the vowel “a” or “aa” and I try to set the “Deck type” specifically, Anki, when I observe the structure of the Deck after viewing Add tells me the deck is a “Basic.” Yet, when I evaluate that deck using the Browse selection I am told it is, if fact, something different.

The manual is not clear on why Anki will make a slightly different deck type; i.e., a Basic c4123, for example, or why the desired activities within that deck are different from what I’ve built in the Basic deck.

Is there anywhere a specific instruction sheet that will describe exactly and precisely how to build a specific deck with specific fields (including audio fields) and how specifically to make those fields behave as I need. The Manual as it exists is NOT particularly helpful.

It would be useful to be able to use Anki to actually study what I want to study instead of having to study how to program the software to do what I need it to do.

Note types (what you call “deck types”, I think) are associated with notes, not decks.
You can have notes of different types in the same deck. Decks are just containers for cards that you want to have the same scheduling settings or want to study together.

It’s worth reading the Getting Started section of the manual at least.