Intel Mac: Version 23.12.1 QT6 Color-Window Bug?

Hello, I hope it’s ok that I open a new topic.

I have a problem with the color window

I worked with Anki version 2.1.54 QT6 for a long time. Everything went well. When I switched to version 23.12 QT6, Anki crashed in “preferences” and “browse” like many other Mac users. I switched to version 23.12 QT5 and everything worked as usual.

But now that I’m using version 23.12.1 QT6, I no longer have the usual color window, see pictures!

Anki 2.1.54 QT6:

Anki 23.12 QT6 and Anki 23.12.1 QT6:

Anki 23.12 QT5:

The color window is really important for me because I have created different colors for different words. Is this a bug? This was also the reason why I haven’t updated for a long time, since 2.1.54 QT6.

My MacBook specs: Intel MacBook Pro 2019 16inch with MacOS 13.6.3 (22G436)

I hope you can help me.

This functionality isn’t part of Anki itself. Are you using an add-on? (See Tools / Add-ons menu).

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No, I use no Add-ons or other tools. Where can this error come from?

Is it a MacOS feature? I use Anki on Windows, and there is no color window like that.

Yes, I think this is a MacOS feature. But I’m not 100% sure. The same window appears in Apple Pages or Numbers, when I will change the color font. I use Anki since over 3 years now, and I always got this color window, even on an older MacBook (Mid 2012), on different MacOS versions, when I would change the color. But since versions above 2.1.54, I ran into this problem. I was so happy to see the right window in version 23.12 QT5.

Different Anki versions use different Qt versions, and Qt likely changed their color picker in an upgrade. If you prefer the old picker, you’ll need to keep using the Qt 5 version.

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Thanks for the reply. So unfortunately there is no other solution than to use the QT5 versions of Anki in the future? This is sad to hear as Anki version 2.1.54 QT6 displayed the correct window. It looks like the developers of QT decided to change the window at some point between the different QT6 versions. Do you know a way to contact the QT developers? Maybe there is an easy way to get the old window back.

Sorry, I have another question. Is it possible to have two versions of Anki installed on my MacBook? One to create the cards (Anki 2.1.54 QT6) and the other to repeat the cards (Anki 23.12.1 QT6)?

I think they’re unlikely to change the behavior, as not even Google Chrome uses the native Mac color picker on macOS.

Yes, you can have multiple copies installed. You can rename one, or put it in a different folder.

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