Instead of '嘚', I only get an empty box

I wanted to write the character 嘚 in the card browser’s search bar, but got only an empty box. In other applications, like eg. vi or firefox, I can write the character and also get the correct glyph, indicating that my system generally supports this character. But why can’t Anki display it as well?

I am on Debian 10.5 (amd64) together with Anki 2.1.30 as per binary download from the website, and the latest version of the chinese-support-redux add-on (plus some unrelated add-ons).

Qt may not be picking the correct fallback font. Forcing the interface font to Chinese in an add-on may correct the problem, but it’ll also probably look ugly.

I just checked, and, irritatingly enough, I can write the character in the ‘Add’ dialogue, just not in the search bar of the ‘Browse’ dialogue. I have no idea how that might be. If anything, I would suspect the Add dialogue be controlled by an add-on, not the other one.

Btw, I don’t feel comfortable switching the entire interface to Chinese, yet, and I haven’t checked how to do that, either.