Installing Anki 2.1.63 on Linux (Chromebook) fails

Hello everyone,

I’m encountering difficulties while trying to install Anki on my Linux system. I have followed the official installation instructions, but I’m unable to extract the downloaded archive.

I obtained the archive file “anki-2.1.63-linux-qt6.tar” from the official Anki website. Initially, I used the command **tar -xf anki-2.1.63-linux-qt6.tar** to extract it, but the extraction process didn’t produce any output or error messages. However, the archive was not extracted, and no files were created.

To troubleshoot, I attempted an alternative extraction method using the command **unzstd anki-2.1.63-linux-qt6.tar.zst | tar -xf -**. Unfortunately, this approach also failed. It returned the error message “This does not look like a tar archive”, suggesting that the archive may be corrupted or in an unexpected format.

To verify the integrity of the archive, I ran the command **file anki-2.1.63-linux-qt6.tar**, which confirmed that it is a valid POSIX tar archive (GNU). Therefore, the issue does not seem to be related to a corrupt archive file.

Additionally, I tried using the command **7z x anki-2.1.63-linux-qt6.tar.zst** to extract the archive with the help of the 7-Zip utility. However, this attempt also failed, displaying the error message “Can not open the file as archive”. It seems that the archive is not recognized as a valid archive format by the 7-Zip tool.

I have already attempted re-downloading the archive multiple times, but the problem persists. I have ample disk space available and the necessary permissions to extract files.

I kindly request your assistance in resolving this issue. If you have any suggestions or alternative methods to successfully extract the Anki archive and install it on my Linux system, please let me know.

Thank you very much for your help and support!

That implies you’ve already decompressed it, and need to untar it without invoking unzstd again.

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