Installed add-on search

Could there be a line to type a part of an add-on name and the add-on manager show add-ons according to this search. Same thing than in the select deck window.

I usually don’t know add-on’s name. When there are dozens and dozens of add-ons, it’s hard to find one. If I want to look at all-on dealing with the card browser, I would like to just type “browser”.

I use helm-files-smart-do-search in emacs to recursively grep the addons21 directory. It’s annoying, but it works. You can add a .projectile file in the add-ons directory to designate the dir as a projetile project which would speed things up a bit.

Thanks for the advice. I didn’t know it.

However, my goal is to enable/disable an add-on or change config, in this case, emacs is less useful.

I know I’m not the only one with a lot of add-ons. As you probably know there even exists an add-on to install a bunch of other add-on, so I assume it would be useful for those users too

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do you mean something like my add-on dialog search/filter bar?


I mean it exactly. You’re wonderful, thanks a lot, that’ll save so much thought process when dealing with add-ons.
I agree with a comment, should be built-in

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Thanks. I’ll make a pull request by the end of the month. At least that’s the current plan …