Shared addon search


Addons are a main part of anki and make much stuff easier. However finding the right ones is nearly impossible, in case if you don’t open a thread every time. Also, there are many great addons drowning in the flood of addons that are rated high, maybe because of famous people who created them.


My solution is just a simple addon search on the shared addons website or maybe even directly in anki, based on Tags, Titles and Descriptions or whatever else is useful.

In most (perhaps all) modern browsers, when you are on the addons page, pressing ctrl+f will open a search box through which you can search for the name of an add-on.

By the way, if you are looking for my addons, you can find them here :wink:

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I know that exists but it doesn’t help much. If you are searching for a sepcific purpose, you have to hope the title is good enough too match or people will make the titles matching every possible search. That’s the problem this search would solve.

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