Add pagination for the add-on list on AnkiWeb

A message saying “More that 1000 matches found; please narrow your search.” appears at the bottom of Add-ons for Anki 2.1 - AnkiWeb. Maybe it’s time to add pagination.


Or, more generally, an index (some work has been done in this direction) or a way to scroll through every add-on without having to search for a name beforehand. I once tried to scrape the website to make a local index, but I just ended up triggering a temporary ip ban :man_facepalming:
Currently, if you don’t already know which add-on you are looking for, the add-on is not of on of the categories shown in the main page, and the author named it a bit weirdly, it’s hard to find it.


Yeah, searching for add-ons like we can do for decks would be nice, especially if the tags (and perhaps even description) would be taken into account. I would also argue that, until we have search, it might be best to just raise the maximum length on the add-on list as pagination would make looking through the list with CTRL+F more difficult.


The limit was increased quite some time ago, and this is only showing at the moment because the count is exactly 1000. I’ll sort that out at one point, but in the mean time the message should disappear as soon as someone uploads another add-on.


I just did! No need to thank me.

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