Insert any symbol into notes


I need more symbols to import into my notes, like symbols characters from the “Symbol” panel in MS Word or like this. How can I import and have any customized symbols into my notes and use them without problems and limitations?

Do I need a specific add-on; or need another method to do it?

Try some text replacement tool where you e.g. type omega# and this is converted in Anki and elsewhere to ω.

There are options for Windows (aText, FastKeys, …) and macOS (Typinator, aText) and crossplatform solutions (TextExpander).

I installed FastKeys, but I have no clue what to use for inserting symbols into a note in Anki. Would you please help me with FastKeys to how to use text and insert symbols and special characters into a note?

I am on macOS and only provided some tools I came across in the past as example.

This should help however:

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The symbols and symbols as you type addon are both pretty good. I personally use Alfred with a symbols workflow on my Mac


I have both symbols and symbols as you type addons, but I need more than those provided and they have basic and limited. I like sign and symbols in “Symbols” of MS Word Office and I wished to insert them in my notes. For example, I need to insert a “bulb” symbol at the beginning of a sentence that is “tip” to highlight its importance.

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