Initially auto zoom out on mobile?


I have a problem. I work on an iPhone SE (4.7"). And on some cards, specifically those with tables, the width seems to exceed the width of the iPhone, so I get initially i zoomed in version, where I can outzoom the page.

What I want is that the card is displayed automatically “zoomed out”. I hope it is clear what I mean.

I found out that it could be related to the “viewport”. But unfortunately my tries to fix the problem myself were not succesful.

what I also noticed: suddenly all of the “other” content gets aligned on the left instead in the middle.

I added a video with the problem.

Glad if anyone could help. Thanks.

EDIT: I noticed, that when I “zoom out” it doesn’t appear on the video itself, lol. But after I did, it displays the whole card on the mobile display.

The default zoom can’t be changed, but if you use smaller fonts/use CSS to reduce the default size of your images, the content should appear smaller, and you should be able to zoom in to expand it. Alternatively you may wish to look into using something like flexbox/flex-wrap instead of tables, to have the images wrap to lower lines instead of expanding to the right.