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Hello. I’m running Anki 2.1.65 on Linux. All my decks are for language learning,​ languages that use non-Roman scripts, mainly the Khmer script. In all note and card fields, the font renders brilliantly. It’s just not good in the browser search bar. The script requires taller lines because some vowels are stacked below or above the main consonant in a syllable. In the search bar the result is that the top of the line is clipped and I cannot see clearly what I typed (see screenshot).

Since I cannot see a way in the Edit>Preferences menu to change this, can anyone help me out? Can I edit the config file? Not yet sure where this is on my system.



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The Browse search bar is also bad for Hindi (Devanagari script) in Windows. The tops of the characters don’t get cut off, but the glyphs in the font (whatever it is) are very hard to read.

Increasing the user interface size in Preferences doesn’t help. The problem is the shapes of the glyphs. In other fonts in other apps, Hindi looks perfectly fine at the same pixel height of text as what is displayed in the Browse search bar.

Is there a limitation of the toolkit?

Most probably, yes. If it happens in both qt5 and qt6 versions, here is how you can report it upstream: Report an issue to Qt · Issue #2652 · ankitects/anki · GitHub

So presumably on Linux I can install Visual Studio Code and that would work for reporting the issue?

Edit: I think this is beyond my computing skills.

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