Inconsistent card counts when syncing

A number of users have reported issues where the due counts are not matching between their computer and AnkiMobile. I suspect this is related to automatic unburying, but there may be more than one issue going on here. Hopefully I’ll be able to get to the bottom of this in the next couple of days, and will post back here when I do.

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Since the last 2.0.82 Anki mobile update the iOS app doesn’t sync correctly.
Some cards done on the Mac and Ankiweb but are still to do on the iPhone.
To solve it I must :

  1. Rebuild on the Mac.
  2. Ask for a full sync Mac → AnkiWeb.
  3. Rebuild on the iPhone
  4. Sync on the iPhone who can detect (only after the rebuild process that Anki web has been reseted.
    After that everything works fine until the next day.

@yanngdsl I’ve moved your post, as this sounds like the burying issue mentioned above

Ok, it turns out to be a regression introduced by a bugfix in AnkiMobile 2.0.81. It causes currently-buried cards to be unburied when you leave the app, instead of them being unburied the next day. I’ve sent a fix to Apple, and it should hopefully become available in about 24-48 hours.


I don’t have the “bury related new cards the next day” option checked off. And it happened to me again this morning. I deleted my mobile anki because I thought that it was the problem and was trying to just stay on the desktop. Heatmap says I have 480 cards due today but the reviews at the top say 780. I completed every card yesterday, so there shouldn’t be any pile up?

I just updated to AnkiMobile 2.0.83 (just released), and I still have the issue.

Today my Geo deck on Mobile has 1 review, whereas on the Desktop and Web it’s all done for the day.

Hello thank you very much for the update released today. It seems to work like before : perfectly !

If you’re referring to the HeatMap add-on, there is no guarantee that matches Anki’s calculations, so I suggest you check the stats screen or the ‘reviewed xx cards in yy minutes’ message shown at the bottom of the deck list. If you still are experiencing a discrepancy, please describe it in more detail on a new thread.

Please force a full sync on the device you think is correct, and choose Upload, then Download on your other device. Do the counts then match, or do they still differ? If they match correctly, please see if the problem arises again after that.

I haven’t done a sync but it seems to work over the last few days. Thank you