Full sync required without comprehensible reason

There was a post by u/kafunshou on Reddit reporting this issue: by https://www.reddit.com/r/Anki/comments/r3d2e4/full_sync_required_without_comprehensible_reason/

I and other people also experience this issue, so I thought I’d double it here.

The original post’s text:

"On both my iOS devices, an iPhone and an iPad, while trying to sync I get the message that the decks were significantely changed so a full sync is required.

I synced without any problem from my iPad last night (after the time where the day switches for Anki) and neither did I use Anki anywhere else since then nor did I change anything on a deck that would require such a sync. I also never had something like that in the three years I’m using Anki now. All required full syncs had a comprehensible reason (updated scheduler, changes on decks etc.). But this one from today doesn’t.

Does anybody here has that problem too? Is there something wrong with the servers?

I’m not sure whether uploading everything from my iPad (which has the newest status as I synced from it last) would do damage as the behaviour doesn’t make any sense.

I use the newest versions of Anki on desktop (Windows 10 and Linux) and on iOS. I didn’t install any updates for maybe two weeks. I also disabled auto-updates for Anki on all platforms. Scheduler is V2."


Same here.

In the last 24 hours, a portion of the AnkiWeb userbase was migrated onto new servers. This should have been transparent, but due to a bug, collections were marked as requiring a full sync when they were moved.

Unfortunately it is not possible to remove the “full sync required” flag on AnkiWeb’s end without breaking things for users who already had a full sync pending. But once you either upload or download your collection, things should go back to normal.

I’m sorry for any confusion or inconvenience this has caused.


It seems to be working OK for me and several others, but then it apparently seems there’s been at least one person whose collection became weird after either upload or downloading. I told them to file an issue on the forums, but there’s their post on reddit just in case: https://www.reddit.com/r/Anki/comments/r3gj36/lost_all_my_progress_on_anki_desktop/


Something about that report doesn’t add up, as the local decks shouldn’t change when choosing “upload”. They appear to be back up and running now in any case.

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Yeah, I also thought it was weird. I thought maybe they mixed “upload” and “download” and actually downloaded. Maybe their issue was unrelated to the sync bug.

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