In a hierarchy of decks, certain subdecks provide more new cards than set via options

iOS: Newest version as of this writing (2.0.83 (20083.1)
Desktop: 2.1.49

I think I have done this setup before, so it may be newly introduced or my local DB is somehow corrupted in a subtle way that doesn’t get fixed by the built-in clean-up. I already restarted, cleaned up the DB etc. I’m on the default scheduler.

I have a hierarchy of decks, all with different options of their own. The number of new cards per day is shown, the number of available cards is much higher than that limit:

All (12)
|-- Deck1 (0)
|-- Deck2 (9)
|-- Deck3 (3)

I do mixed repetitions, so the new cards appear with the repetitions, and through all decks. I want to learn 12 new cards every day, 9 from deck2, 3 from deck3. When doing the review, I tap the deck named “All”. Deck1 has no new cards available, and new cards are set to 0. I do the setup on the desktop, and then sync to mobile. The available cards from deck3 are from newly added notes.

On the iOS app, more new cards from deck3 appear than set up. The same behavior on desktop if I remember correctly, but I strongly prefer to do the reviews on mobile.

Please try the v3 scheduler and see if the problem persists.

Thanks for the tip, will try in the future. For now I simply removed the “offending” cards.