Importing with Deck column create many decks unstead of one

Hello, I have the following export file with Anki ⁨23.12 (55ef11af):

#notetype column:1				
#deck column:2				
Texte à trous	Altissia::test::test1	Die {{c1::Geburt}} ist sehr gut verlaufen: Mutter und Kind geht es gut.	Entbindung eines Kindes.	Geburt (die)
Texte à trous	Altissia::test::test1	Du hast {{c1::zauberhafte}} lange blonde Haare.	Sehr hübsch und besonders.

Anki creates a Altissia::test::test1 and Altissia::test::test1+, unstead of creating a single deck Altissia::test::test1. The decks with “+” keeps incrementing, one per new note.

Note : After investigation, I noted that ALTISSIA was as the parent deck (all uppercase). So in fact, it creates an ALTISSIA::test::test1 and ALTISSIA::test::test1+, unstead of creating a single deck ALTISSIA::test::test1.

The mistake is clearly on my side, but I guess there should be a case management somewhere, as it creates one deck per mistakingly line…

Thank you for the update, I have reproduced this and logged it on Deck names are duplicated when a CSV import uses a different case for the deck name · Issue #2951 · ankitects/anki · GitHub

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