Create a new deck with import

Is there a way to create a new deck when importing? I can only import new cards into an existing deck.

Is there a way to import tags into tag premade tag categories and have them either change with the upload name or have Anki make a deck name with the import file? The issue is I can’t import a deck name without a premade deck in Anki and I have premade decks in Anki with custom filtered decks attached. The custom tags are being used for the import name but they are just numbers (e.g., Tag1:1, Tag1:2, Tag1:3…).

I am doing this so as the class goes on I can just import the file into Anki without having to customize each deck as I am going along.

The new CSV importer allows you to specify a deck for each row, but currently the deck must exist. We may expose an option in the future to automatically create the decks.