Importing new decks

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Does anyone have any experience in importing decks? I have a new deck I wish to import, however I also want to keep my old ones. Will I solve this problem simply be creating another user, or will my old deck be deleted if I import the new one to a different user?

Thank you.

Importing a single deck (.apkg file) will add that deck to your collection, but if you import a collection file (.colpkg) your entire collection will be replaced.


So if I import a collection file, will it replace my collection on all users?

Your collection will replace users’ collections if they import it and click Yes to the message shown.


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To add to what abdo said, if you have a .colpkg file and would like to import it into your existing collection, It’s recommended to create a new (blank) profile, import the .colpkg there, export the decks you want to .apkg files, swicht profile again, and import those files into your main profile.