Importing CSV File Problems with Ver 2.1.54

I’m using Windows 10. I was able to import bulk files prior to version 2.1.54. Just loaded 2.1.54 and am not able to make a new deck on the import. Seems to run OK after running import ,but always it shows 0 records added. I’m trying to load New data, and it’s in the same format as previous data using the LibreOfffice Calc program. Could I be doing something wrong with this new version?

There was changes in .54 in regards to importing with CSV and bug fixes/improvements in .55

Could you try replicating in 2.1.55 or 2.1.56 (latest version)?

for more info, the manual is up to date with .54+ importing: Importing - Anki Manual

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Thank you for responding, I’ll try doing that.

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I loaded ver 56 and the problem is fixed. Thank you.

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