Importing Anki Deck to Canvas

Hello everyone,

I would like to ask if the decks made from Anki can be imported to Canvas LMS? I’ve tried searching via Google and even went to the TenderApp to look for answers. Unfortunately, I found none.

Would be very grateful for any response related to this.

I’m not quite sure if what category this question is suitable.

Thank you!

Anki can export decks as CSV files, if can import decks from a file, then it could be possible.

I’ve tried exporting the deck, but there’s no CSV format. How do I go about this?
I’ve only seen the following export formats: .colpkg, .apkg, .txt
Thank you.

You can export them as .txt, they’re tab separated. then you can convert them to .csv using microsoft excel.
open excel -> file -> open -> browse -> change file format to all -> open .txt file

Thank you very much!

Do you know if there is a method that will export decks with embedded images? I teach sign language and my cards have gifs to show the signs (with movement). My suspicion is that a .txt file won’t carry the gifs over.

The easiest way to export media is exporting native *.apkg files. A txt can’t contain media, but if you need to export your collection in txt format, anki can export media references in the txt files:

Of course, you will need to copy the media files in your media folder as well