Importing .txt is not possible

I just tried to import a .txt and a .csv file to my deck on Ankidroid – but it keeps telling me “this is not a valid .apkg file”.

Taking structured notes in a plain text file or even in an Excel CSV and importing them as cards to anki would seem a very simple and efficient way in my workflow tho.

Does anyone know what’s wrong here and why it don’t work? Are there ways to convert etxt./csv files into .apkg?

Not possible to import anything except a .apkg in AnkiDroid, according to the official docs.

You can just use Anki for PC to import a .txt or a .csv

Anki Deck Export - this should work

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We have txt/CSV import on the TODO list. Import code works, just needs someone to write a UI for it.


thanks, shallash :slight_smile:

guess I’ll have to find a way then to make that possible :slight_smile:

that’s indeed good news :slight_smile:
should be indeed possible then somewhat soon :slight_smile:

The link at the start of my post should allow you to create an apkg from a txt/csv in case you missed it

missed it indeed :slight_smile:
thanks a hell lot, that’s great !! :slight_smile:

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Thank you man a lot! It should be pinned somewhere because I was looking for this option a lot!