Important keyboard shortcuts not working anymore when adding cards in new version

Hello, guys.

I’ve been using Anki for the past 4-5 years. These latest updates did a mess in the way I’m used to add new cards fast in Anki. I’d like to report this so you can use as a suggestion for improvement or to know if this is going to be fixed anytime soon.

BTW, I’m using Anki for Windows.

  1. When I add new cards, I like to cycle through the options using TAB / Shift+TAB. In the past, TAB would take me to the “Add” button at the end as well. However now the TAB key only cycles through “Text”, “Back” and “Tags”. After Tags it doesn’t go to the Add button so I need to use the mouse to add the card, which takes much more time.

  2. When adding tags, whenever I make a mistake, I don’t have the option to select all tags and delete them at once. You did an update so we don’t need to use commas to separate tags anymore. However, this messed up with the CTRL+A basic keyboard shortcut. One common mistake is to paste some text in the tags and then we need to delete one by one. If you can, please add the CTRL+A shortcut to be able to select all tags at once again.

I don’t know if anyone else is suffering with these new problems about things that worked before, but I’d like to add these here so we can discuss it further. Thanks a lot!

regarding your first issue: "Add" applet functionality degraded in 2.1.54 - #2 by jcznk

That’s great, thanks! :smiley:

Second point logged on allow deleting all tags at once · Issue #2081 · ankitects/anki · GitHub

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