Import notes will ignore lines starts with "#"

anki-desktop: 2.1.43 mac version
macOS: 11.2.3

I disabled all the add-ons before test the following steps:

  1. I create a file named anki_test.csv, the answer field have 5 lines, you can download here:
  2. I import this file, the import configuration like the upper right in the picture, (I haved already tested “Allow HTML in the fields” option, it doesn’t helped.)
  3. the card shows like the bottom left, you can see the answer field miss line 3 and line 5, I check the HTML Editor, it just missed…
    ps. it’s strange, it seems that if a line starts with “#” will be ignored, why line1 can still exists?

can you help me solve this issue?

It’s not a bug, it’s a feature:

If you open your csv file in a plain text editor, it’s also apparent why only some lines are missing:

Question	"#1111
# 3333

OK, thanks so much.