Import ignores Anki GUIDs starting with #

The anki GUID (generated by Anki) as a key may start with a #, causing entire line to be ignored, and making that it is not possible to update these datas afterwards. I have put one of the problematic ID (#G,wL%Sbs) in the following block:

#guid column:1
pLRz}q{^*=	1469		B2+
Aby/bm;,eN	1470		B1
#G,wL%Sbs	1481		A1
uhtKE3zS$g	1482		B2+
E=+6YAI5DK	1490		B1

You have to put the field in double quotes:

"#G,wL%Sbs"	1481		A1
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Thanks for the answer, it works. The solution was also present in the exported version of the notes.

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