Unique Identifiers During Anki Import

Hey, Anki community!

I’ve recently given my Anki deck a major facelift, redesigning its appearance and tweaking note types. However, I’m facing a challenge during the import process. Despite having unique identifiers in my CSV file, Anki seems to be ignoring them. Instead of updating existing entries, it adds new ones.

How can I import the CSV file so that the unique identifiers are taken into account during import?

I don’t want to lose my progress with the deck, that’s why I would like to update the existing entries.

Thanks a bunch!

If it’s your own identifier, it must be the first field of the notetype. If it’s an Anki GUID, you can specify it in the header. Text Files - Anki Manual


Thanks for directing me to the right part of the manual.
Although I read it, I overlooked the #headers at the beginning.
I foolishly removed them from the file to make it look tidier.

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