Import goes straight to congratulations screen

Brand-new user here, so apologies if this is an RTFM question. I really have searched diligently!

When I import questions from a .csv file to a virgin deck, the import looks successful (the number of questions appears in the deck directory) but if I try to study the deck, it goes straight to the congratulations screen.

Can I “reset” the deck or otherwise mark it as unstudied?


Please see Anki's not showing me all my cards! - Frequently Asked Questions

I had read that, yes. My problem is that it hasn’t shown them to me in the first place, and is acting as if I’ve through the deck already.

If you imported a csv I’m guessing you imported it into an existing deck, with the daily limit reached already? Have you tried tweaking it in the deck options?

I created a new deck without any questions in it, and imported the questions into that deck. The options do say 20 new cards/day limit, so I’ll try increasing it. Thanks.