Import Anki Deck not loading

Hello everyone,
I wanted to use my classmate’s Anki decks for a topic as his images were better than mine
However, when I click import or double click “his deck does not appear”
I have imported other decks successfully in the past. I have image occlusion hierarchical tags 2
Could you please offer me some advice
Again his deck does not seem to load at all!

Maybe the file is corrupted, or it was incorrectly exported.

If you post the file here, we can check it.

You can also try to deactivate all your addons, or import the file rom another computer.

Hello sorry I am new
Can I upload the file directly here or do I have to link something like google drive
I appreciate you taking the time

A Google drive link is ok

Thank you

Please let me know

Sorry did you figure it out?

Just imported without problems in my system (2.1.45.b)

Are you up to date?
What is the exact error message you’re getting?
Did you try deactivating your addons?

Thank you so much for helping me!
I am not getting any error messages. I double click on it and here is the message “Notes found in file: 50
Notes found in file: 50
Notes updated, as file had newer version: 50”. However, where does the files go to ANTR 510? I have a hard time locating them
I have not yet deactivated add ons.
How do I update to the highest version

It seems that you had already that notes, maybe in a deck with a different name. Anki have updated all that notes with the new version, so you’re ok.

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Thansk for the help
Is there a way to know what version and how to update lastest version?

Help > About to check your version
Download the last version from here:


Hello I have another question to ask you. “Some updates were ignored because note type has changed” This means that the deck I want to use won’t fully upload because cards are also elsewhere
Basically I am trying to use 2 decks that overlap. However, I would like to make sure they are fully loaded so I can use them. Do you know about them

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