Images don't show up on flashcards

I am using the popular ‘Animecards’ deck and get screenshots off of Migaku which are displayed on the back of the card. For some reason, the images won’t show up on the cards on my iPhone with the App.

I did check that audio and images are synced.
When I go to edit, the images do show up there.

I tried to add, among other proposed variations, these lines to the styling of my cards, but it did not change anything:

.mobile img {
width: auto;
height: auto;
max-width: 350px;
max-height: 350px;

If the cards appear while editing but not reviewing, it sounds like an issue with your card template. Do they appear during review with the computer version? Have you tried adding the field to the front or back template? (‘Cards…’ button in the desktop editor, then clicking Add Field)

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