Images and html lists aren't displayed in mobile app

I use an Android phone and I have two very big problems with the mobile app. I create all cards on my pc. The operating system is Windows 10.

1. Images aren’t displayed in the mobile app
I’ve already searched for ways how to solve it here on the forum but nothing has worked. I already checked the media, rebuilt the database, checked if the pictures are displayed on AnkiWeb and in Anki on my PC and imported them completely new.

The images are available on AnkiWeb and the mobile app synchronized the recent updates successfully. The media check didn’t show any errors.

I attached a few pictures of one card (how it looks like on my phone)

  1. The html lists aren’t displayed on the mobile app
    I haven’t found any solution to fix it. Nothing has worked. The html list is displayed correctly on AnkiWeb and on my PC, but not on the mobile app.

Can you share your template?

Images and lists definitely both work in AnkiDroid, so I wonder if it’s a problem with your card templates?

Is there a reason you’re using a “type in the answer” template? That could be part of the problem. I see that your answer is unusually displayed in a monospace font, just like it would be on a type-answer card, and obviously an image wouldn’t be accepted in a type-answer.

Please post your card templates for that image card (from the Edit note screen > select Cards (at the bottom) > choose a card > three-dots menu > Copy as Markdown) – include Front, Back, and Styling.

You didn’t post an example of the lists not working, so for that, you should show us that note data (HTML) as well as your templates.

Thanks for your answers. Okay, interesting.

Yes, because it provides the fields I need to learn better.

This is the template I use:

Front Template:



Back Template


<hr id=answer>


<hr id=example>


<hr id=example>

{{IPA pronunciation}}


.card {
 font-family: arial;
 font-size: 20px;
 text-align: center;
 color: black;
 background-color: white;

You can find the example of one unordered list on the pictures below. Their you can see that the list isn’t displayed. On the pc or on AnkiWeb it is displayed as a list.

You don’t need that note type to have those fields, you can add more fields to any note type and get exactly what you want.

Yep, the template is causing both of these issues, because you’re putting things in a type-answer field (images, lists/formatting) that can’t be in a type-answer field.

Quick fix –
[This will only work if these notes are the ONLY ones using this note type. If you have other notes of this type that are actually using the type-answer functionality, you cannot fix it this way. Stop, and speak up.]

  • Get any other systems you sync with fully in sync
  • Rename this note type to a more useful name (anything, you pick) → 3-dots menu > Manage note types > select it > Rename
  • On your Front template – remove {{type:Back}}
  • On your Back template – change {{type:Back}} to {{Back}}

Now that you have a custom note type for what you’re doing here, you can also rename the fields to have useful names, if you want – like “Spanish” and “German” instead of Front/Back.

You can also “recreate” the default type-answer note type now, but that option is always available in the future, so there’s no rush.
3-dots menu > Manage note types > + > Type Add: Basic (type in the answer), Name Basic (type in the answer) (remove any extra characters at the end)


One more thing …

Given the templates, I don’t see how this could be true. The list and image would show up in the note editor, but not when you were previewing or studying the cards. After you update the template, make sure you like how things look on Desktop and PC as well.

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Thank you Danika. :slight_smile:

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