Image showing problem in Desktop and mobile version

I’m new to Anki. In the image above you see how my pictures of downloaded Anki cards are shown. When I sync and use the Android app, the pictures aren’t shown here too, even if it’s a picture which I added myself (in this case the card wasn’t taken from the web). I don’t know where the problem is. I reinstalled Anki from scratch, but it doesn’t seem top change anything. Also, my Anki heatmap addon looks like this:

What’s the problem here?

The add-on probably needs an update.

The issue with your own images might be covered on Sound/image media files have gone missing! - Frequently Asked Questions

I believe there is no “review heatmap” update for Anki 2.1.51, but I will look for it in the future.

The issue with the images is now fixed, thanks.