Can't view the heat map

i have the other features of the heatmap for example the daily average, days learned, longest sttreak, current streak however the actual heatmap has stopped working and just shows 5 clip art picture of a landscape. any help to get the heatmap?

Have you updated Anki recently? The add-on probably isn’t compatible with versions over 2.1.50 yet, because there have been major changes.


Hi, yes I did do that, how can I get rid of an update ?

Andrea Shibu

Hi Andrea, an update for Review Heatmap will hopefully be out over the next few days. If you want to use the add-on until then, one thing you could do is to switch to the Qt5 build of Anki. As of writing this comment, for macOS this would be this download.

This is more of a side-grade than a down-grade as it comes with all the same features as the Anki version you currently have installed (but might be a bit slower, depending on your system). Switching the build should be as simple as repeating the installation, just with the download above rather than the one you installed before.

Once the Review Heatmap update is out, you could then switch back to the Qt6 build just as easily.

Edit: fixed link


I think @glutanimate meant to link to instead

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@dae thanks! fixed

Thankk you so much for your help! I can see the graphics of the heatmap now :slight_smile: Was also wondering if anyone knew why when reviewing cards 3/4 options are showing <1m, I’m not sure how to fix this, any ideas?

Andrea Shibu

@andreaelizabeth happy to help!

Regarding the answer options: Not 100% sure, could have to do with your learning step settings (under “New Cards” in the deck options menu).

However, I think it might be best for you to create a new thread for this as it will make it easier for people to see your question and hopefully answer.

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