Bug in anki screen

Screen shot will be enough to explain the problem

The screenshot tells only that you are running an unspecified version of Anki for Windows with an outdated version of Review Heatmap and at least another unnamed extension.

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@MazenEnam, to get the heatmap working again and fix the broken icons on your screen, please first uninstall any existing version of Review Heatmap under Tools → Add-ons (could also be called “Heatmap”, “ReviewHeatmap”, or something similar). Then reinstall the add-on from the official AnkiWeb listing: Review Heatmap - AnkiWeb

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Thank you very much for your time , sir

Yet still the bug is not fixed despite deleting the add on

Will try disabling all ad ons then re installing it , currently on the QT5 version of anki

I disabeled all ad on’s then reenabled it , custom gear icon was the issue

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