Image occlusion / Image Occlusion+ note type

Hello everyone!

Just a quick question. I just noticed that my Anki desktop (currently beta 24.04) is showing two more Image occlusion note types… here’s a link with a screen

I always used the image occlusion enhanced addon, and I read that the new Anki version added the built-in image occlusion but I didn’t get it was included with a new note type. Therefore, I would like to know:

  • What is the difference between Image Occlusion and Image Occlusion+?
  • Can I remove one note type or, being different one to another, should I keep both?
  • Can I “move” the notes that I created with image occlusion enhanced addon to the new one (being Image Occlusion or Image Occlusion+) or, from now one, should I use the new standard one and keep my current notes linked to the addon?

Thanks a lot for your time and help!

Note types with + after their names usually appear when you import shared decks: Note types with strange names - Frequently Asked Questions
You can safely remove unused types.

Anki adds the notetype named “Image Occlusion” automatically. If you remove it, it’ll be re-created when you open the Add screen.

I think @glutanimate plans to work on adding a way to convert IO Enhanced notes to new built-in type. The built-in type has less features currently. I recommend using it for new notes if it serves your purpose.


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