Image Occlusion vs Image Occlusion+

I notice there’s 2 notetypes in my anki, image occlusion and image occlusion+. When on the add page, they both give me the same ui, but I don’t have any cards in image occlusion+. What’s the difference and can I remove image occlusion+ to declutter?


And when using an image the ui is the same aswell.

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There’s likely no difference, and yes, if it has 0 notes, you can safely remove it. Removing duplicate note types - Frequently Asked Questions


I know that shared decks duplicates have the same name alongside a random E138DSkj code like that, but this is just a + added which makes me really curious to see if there’s more features, so I would like to be certain that I can delete Image Occlusion+ without any consequences.

Yep, that can happen too. I keep my note types cleaned up, so I don’t have a screenshot to show you. But I just posted the directions for how to find out for yourself if it’s safe to delete them.

My concern was if I delete them I miss out on extra features, your instructions are relevant for non special notetypes but this is special image occlusion notetype which I don’t think can be checked the differences just by looking at the fields only

The instructions are relevant for any of the default note types included with your installation of Anki. They are always repairable/replaceable.


If you are concerned about the integrity of your note types, rename both of the ones you have, make a new one from the default, and convert all of your notes to that.

The ‘+’ denotes a duplicate name, and is not trying to indicate that one notetype is better/improved over the other.

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