Image file size is enlarged to about 5KB more after imported


As is expected not to compress the image file, even setting Image Max Size (Long Side) large enough, original image file size is enlarged to about 5KB more (For example, original file size is 202KB, enlarged to 207KB after imported) after imported, while there is not the same problem in the desktop version (image size not changed after imported). This may enhance the burden of the server, especially when someone imported many images. Many a little make a mickle.

Moreover, hope that we can see the Card Info in Browse view like in Study view.


Images are saved with 80% compression quality. If the original image was saved at a lower quality, there may be some increase in file size. This is different to the computer version, as iOS makes it more cumbersome to obtain the original image data, so we need to compress the data we receive.

Card Info being visible in the study screen would be a nice feature to add in the future.

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