I'd like to create a sandbox instance for schools

I’ve long loved Anki. I also work in the K-12 space. Right now, I can’t have students use Anki as there are several shared cards that are inappropriate for K-12 schools.

Thus, I would love to be able to set up a sandboxed version of Anki. This would be limited to just the students in our school district.

I can’t find any guidance on successfully completing this if it exists.


Do I understand you correctly that the aim is to restrict students from downloading shared decks and using them in Anki?


I’d like them to have access to shared decks, but only those that are created within our school. I’d like them to have the ability to create and share decks. However, due to federal laws, I can’t allow access to inappropriate material.


I am not aware that Anki offers possibilities for such restrictions. In principle, the school network could restrict access to Shared Decks - AnkiWeb and also the download of Anki deck files (.apkg) and collections (.colpkg), while at the same time offering hosting on the school network for decks created by the school and students.