I/O "Hide one, guess one to hide all, guess one" issues

Hi there,

I’d like to ask for any guidance. For some reason when I’m trying to change the setting of the Image occlusion enhanced Flash card made it before from “Hide one, guess one” to “Hide all, guess one”.

o When I click on the I/O symbol to open the masks editor, I get “Non-Editable note. Using image to create new IO Note.

o When I click on “Hide all” is shows a message about No cards generated”

I’m not sure how to converted the I/O into “hide all, guess one”

Thanks, to whoever could please guide me into the right path!

In addition of the description above, I’ve been troubleshooting the issue, I renamed the note type.
I’ve several Image Occlusion Enhanced F/C’s note type with different numbers on the name,e.g. Image Occlusion Enhanced-42497 [6490 notes]. Why? not sure… I guess, is because it change when I import a certain type of deck, or might have to do with some conflict in the updates

When I renamed it, the number change, but still having the same issues, the fields in the mask editor are not showing any of the info, like Remarks, header … but, those details are showing in the browser. if Could change “Hide all, show one” feature showing one from the browser.

Pls, if anyone knows what is the issue… happy day!