Changing card display post-creation keeping masks in place

Hi - I posted this question on reddit/anki [here](, but was recommended to post here as well.

I’m using the MacOS desktop version of Anki. I made a card that is an image occlusion type card (not image occlusion enhanced), and I am trying to change the card from a “Hide all, guess one” type to a “Hide one, guess one” type. I looked at a number of proposed solutions on reddit, but when I try to duplicate the steps, I do not have the option to change the card type with the existing masks in place.

This is card in browse mode and has type “Image Occlusion 1”:
Screen Shot 2024-01-16 at 11.35.03 AM

This is what the sidebar looks like when selected in browse mode:
Screen Shot 2024-01-16 at 11.35.10 AM

When I click on the “edit image occlusion button” this is what pops up:

When I click on “Hide one, guess one”, I get the message “No Cards to generate, are you sure you set your masks correctly.”

It looks like the interface wants me to redraw all of the masks, which I would like to avoid. How can I keep all the existing masks, but change the way the card is displayed? Is this possible?

The HTML looks like the following (perhaps that can/must be edited)?

Screen Shot 2024-01-16 at 11.35.42 AM
Screen Shot 2024-01-16 at 11.35.48 AM

Would really like to not have to redo all of the masks on these cards. Thanks for your advice!

See the blue button with four rectangles in your first screenshot? Click the identical icon that’s not blue, and is bigger.

The add-on in your second screenshot is not currently relevant/useful when using Anki’s built in occlusions.

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