I need urgent help!

So i imported the wrong deck and didnt read properly and now the entire deck is vanished! I accidently imported the wrong deck and deleted the orgin deck

Edit: Ignore these ones.

You can restore using a backup.

Tools > Preferences > Backups

where can i find this? i opened anki on my laptop

i can not find this ahh

I’m so sorry, the instructions above are wrong.

File > Switch Profile > Open Backup




omg!!! i can not thank you enough!! bless your soul and heart!!! all the best and have a lovely day!

:sweat_smile: you too.

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one problem occured, all my pics are gone… do you have any idea how i can get them back?

Automatic backups don’t include media in it, so I’m afraid it is not possible to get them back, I guess.

Automatic backups do not protect against disk or computer failure, and do not extend to your media. To keep your collections safe, please consider making manual backups too.
Managing Files - Anki Manual

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