I have no Sync option in my browser version

It used to work, then I paused for a month or two. No the Sync option has disappeared. What can I do?

Are you using https://ankiweb.net? The web version has no sync button (changes are synced automatically)

Yes, I am using https:// ankiweb .net

Is it possible that, when I sued to sync manually, I was using another computer version?

In any case I have created two cards in the browser, and I can see them in my AnkiDroid. I have also studied one card in Ankidroid, but this doesn’t appear in Ankiweb.

Probably the desktop version: Anki - powerful, intelligent flashcards

Make sure you click the sync button on AnkiDroid.

I have done that repeatedly. It seams to sync now.
Towards the desktop version, the change of 40 min ago seems to be arrived; more recent ones yet not. Seems to be slow like hell.

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