I dont want waste ankiweb's resources but make a 2nd ankiweb account is the best practise for me to migrate to 23.10+ /w FSRS?


really thanks anki author and contributors for everything.

my background and config is at the bottom.

for some reason I did applied two ankiweb accounts.
acc1 i used heavily everyday.
acc2 previously i used to test some addons etc before i know how to make portable anki in windows (windows only).

my exam is in 5 months time, i cant risk to be stopped from using acc1 for any time.

I got several windows PC/androids.

so, is it i better setup anki 23.10+ on PC2, on android2, (using acc2) and export acc1’s collection package to PC2 then sync to android2. test out the addons and FSRS.
And if it works, may be i could even stop using acc1 for sometime, and only use acc2?
(previoulsy ankiweb need a touch to keep the account)

sorry this may use up some ankiweb resources.


my config:
at the moment i am betting my LIFE my career on anki 2.1.54 qt6, /w tons of addons esp IO, some IO-closet and thus SM2; /w ankidroid 2.16.x

from anking’s video, it suggest that FSRS MAY reduce 20% workload (that’s what i understand) so that worth to try out, and if no problem, i would like to mirgrate. my life and dead exam is around 2024’s MAY, in 5 months time.

i used 30+ addons, from the anki addon site list,
almost half are not mentioning updated for 23.10+.

ps, i’ll try it only after 2.17 ankidroid stable is out, it’s currently in alpha.

If you’d like to sync multiple profiles, the only way to do so is to create a separate account for each one - it’s no so much best practice as a necessity.

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