I changed one stack and now all my selfmade stacks changed

One of my stacks needed a 3rd input field. When I added a field, all other stacks now have a 3rd input field. I tried to define a new stack type and I get the message “This will create 3588 new cards, proceed?”. I used search engines and youtube but couldn’t find a proper answer, can anyone please point me into the right direction so only this one stack has 3 fields and all others just 2?

What do you mean by “stacks”? Decks or notes or note types?

In case you’d wish to have a single note with 3 fields, then you just open Tools > Manage Note Types in the Deck Overview, select Add, then Clone the one you already have. Then in the Browser you select the note that should have 3 fields, choose Change Note Type… in the context menu, and select the newly created note type.

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Thank you for your answer.