I can se the option Decks, add, search I Dont see any Decks too

Please, follow these steps:


I already unistalled anki and installed again is version 2.1.46, I chanche the video driver 3 times and nothing happend. Whe I enter again always ask if I allow to the app make change to the computer and the loggo already look like theseScreenshot 2021-08-25 234251

Have you tried “Check your database” and “Check add-ons” too?

I already do, it’s weird that they ask alway that I open if I allow make change for do change to my computer. Always that I enter or make some change it like the window spark, like is trying refresh but is’t not able

Unfortunately, I can’t think of any solution besides what I’ve already mentioned :frowning_face:. Let’s hope some more experienced user can help you.

If it occurs without any add-ons, the issue may be your deck list is above the webpage size supported by the toolkit Anki uses. The only workaround is to delete some decks, or use something like Merge Child Decks - AnkiWeb to merge their cards into their parents.

I already fixed by my self when you put right click in the loggo in the screen to enter anki. I click in the window that say compatibility and take off all the option then click apply and then I delete the logo from the principal screen and then search for the app in the toolbar search.

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