I accidentally removed the face of the card

Hey guys:)
I have more than a 1000 cards in my Anki collection and I somehow managed to remove the face of the cards from every one if them so I am left with back side of the card only.

Can somebody help me get it back please?

Thank you!

Fixing this depends on your card layout, but assuming you use the Basic note type, follow these steps:

  1. click Edit while reviewing one of the cards, then click Cards in the editor screen.
  2. make sure you have {{Front}} in your front template.

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Restore from an automatic backup: https://faqs.ankiweb.net/restoring-an-automatic-backup-recovering-from-data-loss.html


abdo, the 1000 cards’ contents wouldn’t be restored.

Thank you so much for the link!
I just restored all my data, you totally saved me.

Once again, thank you:)
Hope you have a nice day

No problem.

You marked the wrong message as the solution.